Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hi all, well is almost Christmas and I have not posted in a LONG time. Sorry about that I feel pretty bad. Anyways as most of you already know, Jamie and I are expecting our first baby in June. Yay! Everyting seems to be going very well. We will be able (hopefuly) to find out the sex next month. As for other news, we had our yearly trip to FL. It was pretty good, alot shorter than usual. We stayed at Grammy and Grampies condo for one night and we went out to dinner. It was fun and we had nice weather. Then we headed down to Jamie's aunt were I lazed around and Jamie went to the races every waking momement.(suprise suprise) We got home the day before Thanksgiving. Our plane ride home was horendous. Thanksgiving was good, we all ate to much and needed naps. So this past weekend we went on our yearly shopping trip. We decided to go to portsmouth instead of Bangor. Man was the traffic bad. We spent most of our time at Khol's. The mall was really busy, but i managed to get most of our shopping done. Except for mama becasue she was bad bad bad in the xmas list department. Lets see what else. Oh Jamie and I ordered a Camcorder for our Xmas present. I'm really excited for it. I wish we had one when Lucy was a puppy. But it will be good for when the baby comes.

Well Just to let you all know I worked on my web shots this morning. I added a few pictures and cleaned it up a little. I will be adding a new album soon for all the parties. Yes I still have pictures from my moms partie last year and Bonnie and richards aniversary. So hopfuly that will be done soon. Well that is all for now, hopefuly it wont be another month before i post.

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