Thursday, November 11, 2004

Wow Blogger has been having problems! I hate that, even tho I don't really feel like posting right now. hum I guess I'll post later, TTFN

Monday, November 01, 2004

ugh I am so stuffed after just eatting a BMT yum. Now I never want to eat again. I hate when I eat to much cause then I need a nap. Fewwie. So how was every ones Halloween? We only got on set of trick or treaters. But it was cool becasue Lucy and Dunken didnt want to be in there kingdom. We have to put them in there because last year Lucy ran out and got in someone's car. Oops. So this weekend was pretty good. We got some cleaning done. But mostly I naped and watched movies. It was a pretty lazy weekend. Let see I watched all three Indiana Jones movies, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. We also watched The Omen. Which was interesting. so all in all I watched like 12 Hrs worth of TV haa what a sloth I am. So this weekend is Jamies Bday partie. I am almost all set. I still have to do some more cleaning and stuff and get some food. I need to make the cake too. But I think I will get it all done fine. Amy said she will help me too on Saturday so we can decorate up the house. Well I must get back to work, SEE ya. B

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