Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Hello All, I am eating a delightful mango. So last night at WW I was down .8 which puts me 1 lb away from 25lbs and 7.6lbs from my 1/2 way goal. Its been a pretty slow summer in that department. But i am the lowest i have been sence i graduated and I am 1 lb below were I was at jamie and my wedding. So thats awsome. I want to get to my 1/2 point before my b-day, but i would have to work pretty hard casue thats only 6 weeks away. 7.6 lbs is do-able I really havent been doing much exersicing and need to get back to that. I have only been water skiing about once a week, and my mom and I took a little walk at camp. I just cant seem to get my self out of bed in the morning. I wish i could go water skiing every day. It's such good exersice for my legs, low back and forarms. Speeking of diets, jamie is only 2.4 lbs away from his goal. I'm so proud. He needs to exersice too but i can get him too. Anyway lets talk about something else. Like camp. I had a good weekend at camp. The doggies were very good. Me and my mom left on friday and we stoped at a side walk sale at fashion slug and I got a cute hat and t-shirt, Then we stoped at sally beauty supply in bangor to get my mom a perm and they wouldnt let my buy one cause i didnt have my licence on me, which was annoying because that store is supost to be for non licenced people. So we got every thing except the perm and i will have to get it some other time. Very annoying. So after that we went to shaws and got some stuff then headed to camp. We got there fairly early so we took a walk to brendas new camp. Lucy decided she wanted to poop in the middle of the road. ha silly thing. I had to scoop it in to the woods. So we got to brendas camp and all the shades except one were closed. we peaked in and it looked really cute. it had a cute kitchen. then we went down tothe water front and that was cute too. dunken hoped in and took a little swim. It was deeper then at mama and daddy's camp and there was also a little cove. Very cute. after that we went over to grammy As camp and Cindy was there with all the kiddies. They had fun playing with lucy, but dunken was a little snappy so i took him back to camp. then the doggies had a little swim in the lake. after that it started pouring. So the next day mama and i drove to Presquile and went shopping. It was fun. We went to a little mall and to mardens and some gift shops. that night we ate dinner and i played a little game boy. Sunday we kind of just lazyed around and then i headed for home. I stoped at k-mart to buy some kitchen stuff then i stoped at pier 1 in agusta. I love that store. I always want to buy everything. I got some little fake flowers to put on our table (if it evergets put back together). then when i got home i headed for the camp. SO it ws a good weekend.

This week i have alot planed. i think tommrow amy and i are going to go to the pug walk in portland, but im not sure yet. jamie has races wed-sat im not sure which ones i am going to go to yet. I want to go to some becuase i didnt see him all weekend. I want to go saturday becasue i havent seen sara and andrea in a few weeks, but then i want to go to bonnie and richards party, we will see i guess. Then sunday we have to go to grampie foggs partie and nicks also. Few what a week. The next few months there is alot going on. Next saturday i have to work:( And the fallowing weekend i might go back up to camp. Then we have jamies company picknick then its back up to camp for my bday weekend. Then in late september sarah and phill are having there wedding. Lots to do. Well i have to get going now so , TTYL

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Yikes I havent bloged in a while. I havent really been busy just lazy i guess. Hum whats been happening? Well last week I cleaned the bathrooms haha. Nick brought lilly and destiny over to see my mom. destiny got a little brushing. Amy and I wanted to go see Spider Man 2 but Nick is to narrow minded. He would rather watch bring it on. HAA. So we ended up watching some home videos at home. But later in the week Erin, Amy and i went to see spider man. We will get to that later. So friday Jenni came over to get a hair cut. Even tho she had gotten on tuesday, but she really wanted me to cut her hair. Then Eric came over with skipper to get her hair done. Dunken and skipper had so much fun. they played and played. Lucy didnt know what to think. I think she thought skipper was a cat. SO then we headed of to Spider man and when we went to get amy she was running behind so we said we would meet her at bonnie and richards, then she was late so we decided to go to the next show. So we let her dogs out and when to eat at Friendlys. Brandi Huntress was there with her baby and all she had on it was a diaper. Erin , amy and i were freezing. It was so getto. Then we were late for the movie again, but luckely we just missed the previews, it must have been a lot to casue we were 15 min late. Ok so then on Saturday nick and i went to sandys for Bfast, but it ended up being Lunch, oops. After that we went to the new store on the casue way. They did a really nice job with it. theres not much in the store but it looks nice. Friday we are going to eat bfast there with deniell. So after that we went to amys and vegged on her recliners. Then i took nick home so he could sleep and i went home to do some week wacking and mow the law. And oops i weed wacked a hole in the house :O. Then i wached some wire holder. Yeah tony would fire me. After i mowed the lawn i went and woke nick up and we went to the camp for dinner. After dinner Eric, nick and i decided we wanted to go water skiing. It was alittle frigtening becasue it was getting dark fast. It was awsome skiing tho. nice and calm. So sunday jamie and i went to the oxford 250. There was a million people there. No kidding. And it was so funny becasue Matt Kensith from nascar was there and they had his pits all roped off and people where harassing him he was hidding in the trailor. Then Kert bush didnt have his roped off and he was talking to people and just going on like a normal person. I guess hes not a snobby. Then there was this girl there and she seriously was supost to be at a prom. She has some up do and a little mini skirt on. the guys were standing under the bleachers looking up her skirt. It was so getto. There was lots of track skanks there in mini mini skirts and boob bearing tops. But besides that it wasnt bad. the racce went pretty fast and i didnt get a sun burn. Well friday i am going to camo for the weekend casue jamie is going to NY for some races with dave and chris. hum i think thats it. Anywyas ttyl, B

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Hi Everyone! What's new? My dad went to the meeting about our land last night and every thing went perfect. Now all we need is our deed to be done and then it is officaly ours. Yay!! I can't wait. So this traffic has been really bad this week, I don't remember it being so bad last year. It took me forever to get across the bridge and back. So I think my yoga instructor is stocking me. She has called a million times. She is really starting to get on mu nerves, which sucks casue i think she is a good teacher. She has called me three times in the past three weeks yelling at me. Im annoyed. I really dont think its a good way to get costomers. Anyway we are going to see harry potter to night. For amy and my dads b-day even tho they where last night but my dad had that meeting. Ohh im so excited for our land. I can't stop thinking about it. I guess I really dont have many exciting things to write about. To bad, hum well i guess thats all fortoday. See ya, B

Monday, July 05, 2004

It's raining it's pouring, I wish I was snoring. Yup I'm so tired today. I did not sleep at all last night. I hate that. My eyes keep shutting. And to make it worse I have to work today when every one else (except amy) Doesn't. Sucks!! Well I wasn't so good this weekend:( I ate WAY to much. I was excited to see that my life jacket was much loser then last year which is always modivating. I'm quite frigtend for tonight actuly. Well whats done is done and i will do better this week. I did lose a pound last week and was happy about that.

SO whats new, not much. We had a good weekend. The 4th was good and the birthday parties. We all got in some water skiing. Daddy and Richard went which was entertaining. I will post pictures later. Oh man i really cant wait to go home and sleep. Its such a good day for it too. Well m to deleriouso to type so ttyl, B

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